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Scenic Lookouts on Oahu

Nuuanu Pali
Pali Lookout

More than 1,000 feet above sea level, the stone terrace that makes up the Pali Lookout looks out over Kaneohe, Kailua, the small island of Chinaman’s Hat, and neighboring Coconut Island. At such an impressive height, it seems that the whole of the island is visible. The Pali Lookout is famous for strong gusts and howling winds, so don’t wear a hat unless you're prepared to sacrifice it to the island of Oahu.

Kaneohe Bay Oahu
Kaneohe Bay

Kaneohe Bay features the largest sheltered body of water in Oahu, is the only bay on the island of Oahu with a barrier reef, and chances are very good that you’ve seen it before. The bay area includes five tiny islands, most prominent among them MokoliI, or “Chinaman’s Hat,” and Moku o Loe,  “Coconut Island." Coconut Island was featured in the world-famous television show Gilligan’s Island, but the bay and its scenic views were also pictured in the movies Pearl Harbor and 50 First Dates.